About Us

The Professional Development and Leadership (PDL) program’s goal is to enhance the Columbia Engineering education by providing enrichment and development opportunities. We assist students with in a number of ways, including:

  1. Obtain skills to find and keep a role
  2. Learn how to grow and cultivate a career
  3. Recognize effective leadership
  4. Learn to become an effective team player and follower
  5. Cultivate ethical behavior and values

… and we strive to have fun while doing these things!

The PDL program takes a number of forms at Columbia Engineering

  1. Required PDL course for MS students (ENGIE4000)
  2. Engineering Your PhD Program (ENGIE6001-6004)
  3. PDL for SEAS Undergraduates
  4. PDL Fellows Program – currently limited to MS students
  5. PDL English Communication Program (ENGIE5000-5009 for MS and ENGIE7000-7009 for PhD)
  6. Partnership with existing programs at Columbia Engineering