Doctoral Students


The PDL Team, together with Graduate Student Affairs and the Center for Teaching and Learning, will offer appropriate sessions for doctoral students at each stage of their doctoral studies. Students will be enrolled by doctoral cohort into R-credit classes (ENGI E6001-6004). The PDL Team recommends students take a minimum of 3 sessions per year.

Sessions designed to orient the Columbia graduate student, including:

  • Engineering Your Ph.D. Week
  • Teaching and Presentation Skills (i.e. Microteaching)
  • How to Grade, Hold Office Hours, Conduct Recitations, etc.
  • Cultivate Relationships with Mentors, Faculty and Colleagues
  • Research and Academic Integrity and Ethics
  • Inclusivity
  • Managing Your Budget
  • Wellness and Healthy Living

Sessions designed to cultivate success in the Ph.D. program, including:

  • Presentation and Communication Skills
  • Cultivate Healthy Relationships with Faculty/Supervisors
  • Academic Writing Skills
  • Refine Teaching Skills
  • Academic Conference Preparation
  • Resiliency and Project Management Skills
  • Wellness and Healthy Living

Sessions designed to facilitate career explorations for Ph.D. students, including:

  • Teaching, Presentation and Communication Skills reinforced
  • Public Speaking and Facilitation Intensive
  • Explore Various Career Options (Academic, Industry)
  • CV and Resume Writing
  • Preparing for Documents needed for Academic Jobs
  • Getting Things Done
  • Wellness and Healthy Living

Sessions designed to support student job search and degree completion, including:

  • Searching for Job Opportunities (Academia, Industry)
  • Conduct a Job Talk, Prepare for Interviews
  • Refine Documents needed for Academic Jobs (Portfolio)
  • Negotiation and Mediation Skills
  • Getting Things Done and Coaching
  • Wellness and Healthy Living
PDL Lecture